A good sex life is a very basic human need. It often stands unmet, because of competitive lifestyles, leaving no room for personal gratification. In such cases, controlling your urge can become difficult. The first step to control your sexual urges is to accept that there is no shame in feeling this way. Most societal norms consider these  urges  as  moral   depravity and force us to bury these feelings, instead of accepting it as a part  of life.

We are culturally tuned to believe that sex is sin and sexual urges are not normal. These urges are nothing but physical needs which only seek fulfilment, in some way or the other. In reality, sexual  thoughts  are  a part of the reproductive period of life. But it is important to curb and control such urges which  may  not be appropriate at certain times. The next step to controlling your sexual feelings is to know what sets them off.

During   the    adolescent    phase, one must focus on one’s education, and other priorities in life. There is always the right time when there urges can be exercised. Identifying the triggers that increased your urges will help keep the mind alert enough to steer clear of them. By controlling your mind and keeping it strong, one can achieve the desired control over them