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Youth being enthusiastic, vibrant, innovative, and dynamic is the most important section of the population in India. The budding teenagers show strong passion, motivation, and willpower. These qualities make them the most treasured human resource for fostering the economic, cultural, and political development of our nation. The size of its youth population drives the ability and potential for the growth of a country. This section of the population needs to be harnessed, motivated, skilled, and streamlined in the right way to see a bright transformation of our country. To achieve this goal, it is crucial to start-up with two-way communication with the growing teenager.
Instead of spreading awareness on topics like sex, public discussions, and normal conversation on such matters are still considered a taboo. Sex-education is still a non-existent subject in schools as well as at homes.

A recent survey conducted by the Metropolis group with the help of Kantar IMRB discloses that a large number of Indian parents are not willing to speak on these topics simply because they don’t know how to approach these subjects.

The objective of Sex education is to develop the qualities & attitudes on which the family life depends. It helps a boy understand manhood and a girl, womanhood. Sex education not only aims at developing physical attributes, but it also helps to change the social, moral, behavioral & psychological awareness in times of puberty.

Teachers hop most pages in school textbooks because of a lack of interest and awareness among them. Even at home, any conversation related to gender and sex is muted. This means that adolescents either turn to the internet for information or just discuss amongst their friends. However, the internet has abundance of data, and it also is a dam of imprecise information.

Conventional approach on the issue of gender and sex is negatively impacting teenagers who are growing up with the perils of a half-truth, peer pressure, and unrealistic outlooks of sex and sexuality portrayed in the media. There are over 1.2 billion adolescents (age 10-19 years) in the world; out of these, 243 million adolescents are in India, with nearly 121 million adolescent girls. This is an age of susceptibility as well as chance. Investing in teenage education obtains a maximum benefit for society. According to a report of the UNHRC, there is a lack of comprehensive sexuality education in India.

How do we shift the archetype from inspecting sex as an awkward subject to building a two-way communication that enables in empowering children through frankness? By providing children, their teachers, and parents access to appropriate medical information in their own space!

About the Too Shy to Ask App

By looking at the need to empower children and the obligation to provide correct information to them, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, in association with Women’s Empowerment (WE) Foundation launched ‘Too Shy to Ask,’ an app dedicated to gender education and awareness, targeted towards teenagers and their parents. The app aims to reach out to the unreached youth in the neglected sections of society and enhance their lives with information, health, and self-sufficiency. Taking this mission forward, ‘Too Shy to Ask’ was launched to help as a platform for the youngsters where they can frankly and anonymously ask and discuss questions on sexual health, nutrition, and much more with a panel of experts in a secure, easy and comfortable way.

Most important features of the app:

  1. Information Center: The application offers its users with a plethora of information on several topics associated with gender and sexual health for young adolescents and teenagers to read and gain information.
    • Topics Covered in information center: Substance Abuse, Gender Violence, Gender Equality, Puberty & Anatomy, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Vaccines & Exercises, Myth Busters & FAQ.
  2. Ask Questions to an Expert (Anonymously): This app allows teenagers & young adults to ask their questions freely and interrogate anonymously without having the feeling of being judged or shy. The renowned panel experts answer interrogations and the questions asked. This app makes the process of questioning and queries safe, secure & comfortable.
  3. Parent’s Corner: This section of the app aims at reaching out to the parents of adolescents. In which they can modify age and gender-wise to assist, address queries about their children’s health and well-being, and also inductee healthy conversations with their children about topics considered as a taboo.
  4. Quiz & Games: The Interactive and Educational quiz, word game in the app assists teenagers to get complete information on a word they have played.
  5. Available in Regional Languages: The content in the app is available in English and 4 major regional languages, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati & Tamil for a better urban and rural penetration.

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