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Indians, sometimes even the well-educated and urban ones, habitually incline to add a whole lot of sensitivity to the subject “sex,” as they consider it as a taboo. Though “sex education” is a natural consequence that teaches the children about sexual well-being, it still has to deal with the highest struggle possible – from parents, teachers, policymakers, and curious neighbors, especially strange neighbors. As the children are brought up in such an atmosphere, as they grow, they are too shy to ask or discuss it.

If you are Too Shy To Ask about things you aren't used to of hearing is normal, especially when it comes to something as awkward as sex. To overcome this issue, it is important to accept the fact that no matter how "bizarre" sex may sound, it is a quite ordinary thing that happens all around, and there is nothing Too Shy To Ask or talk about it.

Let us face it, not everyone is comfortable discussing about sex. Many people quiver at the thought of talking about sex with others, even as teenagers, growing openness and sexual expression. Also, in this contemporary period, many children are told to keep the conversation related to sex in private. While it is alright to be reserved only when you have the right information about it. Too Shy To Ask is an initiative for those who feel shy discussing the subject, you can get answered to all your question anonymously with the help of the Too Shy To Ask mobile application.

How will Too Shy To Ask mobile app help you?

Sex education is a controversial issue, Too Shy To Ask is an initiative by the metropolis group of healthcare to create a platform of sex education through a mobile application. Too Shy To Ask mobile application is a program which educates and informs adolescents, young individuals about sex, sexual health, sexuality, and sexual rights in an age-appropriate method. This helps to spread awareness about their own body and that of the opposite gender.

When teenagers hit puberty, they go through a lot of physical changes, and they often end up being uncomfortable by it. Being Too Shy To Ask or discuss on the subject which has lack of information, or false information makes them self-aware about physiological variations such as pubic hair growth, facial hair, development of body parts, etc. The changes in the body of the adolescents because of puberty makes the them prone to insecurities and exposed to low self-esteem. The main motive of the mobile app is to clear the confusion and doubts of the adolescents by preparing them for what is yet to come.

When there is a supportive and considerate setting for children, they tend not to resort to pornography or haphazard sites on the internet to get informed about their bodies.Most prominently, they learn to respect themselves and each other. The Too Shy To Ask mobile app covers sexual and reproductive health, gender equity, nutrition exercise and vaccines, puberty and anatomy, substance abuse, and lastly, gender violence.

Is the Too Shy To Ask, mobile app helpful to showcase the importance of sex education at the right age?

The Too Shy To Ask initiative by the metropolis group aims to build a strong foundation for enduring sexual health. The Too Shy To Ask mobile app provides all the essential information and the preventive measure for adolescents (17-21years). It is the right time when the teenagers understand the changes that their bodies undergo when they hit puberty and this is possible only when sex education is imparted. Teenagers also go through all the developmental changes in their psychological behavior as they enter adulthood.

• Both the girls as well as the boys should understand everything about menstruation; so that the girls learn to accept it and take it as a normal role of mother nature; and the boys don’t get grossed out by periods, sanitary pads and tampons. Basically, it is about preparing them early in life to consider this as a sensitive issue

• Sex awareness will also create awareness about pregnancy and other connected issues like safe sex and diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse and Human Immuno Virus (HIV). As per the research done by the world health organization, 17 to 21 years fall under 34% of the HIV-infected age-group in the world

• Sex education will make the teenagers more responsible and emphasizes on the concept of consent. This will make them knowledgeable regarding the repercussion they have to face after having sex out of curiosity

• Lastly, the Too Shy To Ask initiative is for the victims of child sexual abuse. To educate teenagers so that they can understand that something wrong is being done to them, which they can communicate to their parents the untoward incident.

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