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Science has proven that the sense of developing sexuality is a nuanced one. Therefore, our set of moral values has a pivotal role to play during the critical stage of development. In India right off the bat as kids, our senses are draped with ignorance whenever there is a possible perception of any sexual stimulus. This practice gets hardwired into the brains of youngsters. Therefore, it is not surprising to see young adults being uncomfortable, conspicuous, or too shy to ask or discuss the topic of sex, not so much amongst themselves as with their families. India, the country that is the home of the ‘Kama Sutra – a historical piece of literature about human sexual behavior, is also the country that still sees sex as a taboo. Indian Society works on certain rules regardless of your acceptance or non-acceptance towards them; one is forced to comply with these rules by his/her family. Especially when it comes to sex, it is a taboo even if you talk about it. In a country where historical sexual representations are pervasive, the young generation is trapped within a spiral of confusion and curiosity. They are aware that they are forbidden to talk about sex openly, and will be perceived as “perverts” if they do so. However, what they are not aware of is the need of the hour to abridge the gap between the two generations, that is, parents and their children, in terms of talking openly and comfortably about sex. Keeping in mind that if this gap is not filled with sensitivity and information, the vicious spiral will continue to grow deeper, and the youth of today will continue to fall harder in its trap.

What does the future hold?

Today is the age of the Internet. There is now an abundance of information, and most of the information on such topics are gathered from unreliable sources. Parents must understand that they cannot protect their kids from this information overload and must be the ones to make the distinction between right and wrong. Talking about sex would not make the Indian culture decadent, but would benefit the misinformed youth and revive the original Indian culture. Parents need to speak about coercion and consent to create a responsible younger generation that can make informed choices. they must also understand that there exists a multitude of different sources like pornography, seniors at high school, and even friend circles that can provide inaccurate and misleading information about sex. Therefore, it’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure that their children assimilate only the correct information.

What is the aim of TooShyToAsk?

Keeping in mind the need to provide the correct information, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, in association with Women’s Empowerment (WE) Foundation, launched ‘TooShyToAsk,’ dedicated gender education and awareness application targeted towards teenagers and their parents. Since its inception, Women’s Empowerment (WE) Foundation has ensured to reach out to the unreached youth in the underprivileged sections of society and enrich their lives with knowledge, health, and self-sufficiency. Taking this mission forward, ‘TooShyToAsk’ was launched to serve as a platform for teenagers where they can openly discuss and anonymously ask questions on sexual health, nutrition, and much more with a group of experts in a secure, safe and comfortable manner.

Overall, TooShyToAsk is an endeavor to abridge the communication gap that hinders conversations between different generations in terms of “sex talk.” Moreover, we strive to provide an environment that is conducive to fruitful talk and therefore, a forum where both parents and the millennial generations can talk about sex, unfettered by socio-cultural influences.

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