*We Foundation now Metropolis Foundation

WE Foundation celebrates Independence Day

In a continued effort to engage with the communities surrounding the centre, the Foundation invited the past and present students and their parents to the centre on 15th August to celebrate Independence Day. During the gathering, students presented their skills of self-defence that they had learned. Some of the students showed their increasing knowledge of English which has improved their academic results. More students talked about their dreams of securing a job after they completed their computer training. Alongside the students, mothers shared their happiness and satisfaction in seeing the rising confidence in their daughters and promised to continue to support them in their future. In first, a father attended the event and shared his feedback regarding the Foundation’s trainings and its impact on his daughter. He added that he would talk about the Foundation with other parents and encourage them to send their daughters to the centre to undergo the trainings.
Through similar events, the Foundation hopes to motivate parents to encourage their daughters to avail of the trainings at the centre and empower their futures.