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India has the largest number of youngsters as compared to any other country in the world. Being a young nation, it is important to keep the future of our nation; self-aware, healthy and safe. In order to achieve this goal, there is an immediate need for safe spaces to enable conversations and two way communication with adolescents.

Public discussion on sexual matters is still considered a taboo and sex education is non-existent in schools as well as at homes. A survey done by Metropolis with the help of Kantar IMRB reveals that a considerable number of Indian parents aren’t willing to talk about these topics to their kids simply because they do not know to approach these subjects.

Sex education aims at developing the qualities & attitudes on which family life depends. It helps a male child understand manhood and a female child, womanhood. Sex education not only aims at developing physical attributes, but it also helps develop social, moral, behavioural & psychological cognisance during puberty.

Many psychologists believe that training a child about gender & sex helps develop emotionally stable children who feel secure and adequate in themselves. Often we come across cases where perfectly healthy adolescents are involved in unhealthy & risky practises that might highly influence not only their health but also their survival. Most pages in school textbooks are skipped by teachers because lack of interest and awareness among them. Even at home, any discussion related to gender and sex are hushed. This means that adolescents either turn to the internet for information or just discuss amongst their friends. Though internet may provide abundance of data on anything, it also is a barrage of inaccurate information.

Conservative approach on the subject of gender and sex is impacting teenagers who are growing up with the perils of misinformation, peer pressure and unrealistic expectations of sex and sexuality depicted in the media. There are over 1.2 billion adolescents (age 10-19 years) in the world; of these 243 million adolescents are in India with nearly 121 million adolescent girls. This is an age of vulnerability as well as opportunity. Investing in adolescent education reaps maximum benefit for society.

According to a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, there is a lack of comprehensive sexuality education in India. How do we shift the paradigm from viewing sex as an awkward subject to building a two-way communication that facilitates empowering children through openness? By giving children and their teachers and parents access to appropriate medical information in their own space!

TooShyToAsk Foundation

Keeping in mind the need to provide the right amount of information, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd in association with Women’s Empowerment (WE) Foundation launched ‘TooShyToAsk’, a dedicated gender education and awareness application targeted towards teenagers and their parents. Since its inception, Women’s Empowerment (WE) Foundation has ensured to reach out to the unreached youth in the underprivileged sections of Society and enrich their lives with knowledge, health and self-sufficiency. Taking this mission forward, ‘TooShyToAsk’ was launched to serve as a platform for teenagers where they can openly discuss and anonymously ask questions on sexual health, nutrition and much more with a group of experts in an easy, safe and comfortable manner.